vyr.io was developed in 2016 in order to provide an easy-to-use and quick way for uploading and sharing small files over the internet. What started as a personal project is now available to everyone. We try to offer a high uptime in order to ensure that your files are accessible until deletion. By using vyr.io, you accept the rules and policies defined below.

Rules and Policies
  • The maximum file size for uploading is 250 MB.
  • The maximum number of files stored per user/IP is 50.
  • Files are stored for 60 days or until manual deletion.
  • Following file types are allowed for uploading: zip, rar, jpg, jpeg, png, tga, mp3, ogg, opus, webm, mp4, m4a, txt, log, flac, wav, mkv, mov, gif, svg, pdf, xml, psd, bmp, fbx, cfg.
  • Pornographic, offensive, illegal or illegally obtained material is not allowed on this website. Content satisfying one or more of these criteria will be immediately removed upon detection.
  • vyr.io is not and will never be responsible for any damage caused by corrupted files or data loss.
  • For file removal requests or abuse reports refer to the website administrator.
  • All services provided by vyr.io are free.